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Netwerkx realizes that retail profit margins are dwindling and that competitive advantages are vital for success.  Through the implementation of various retail store systems, our company aims to eliminate the threat of theft, and implement solutions that will raise conversion ratios for our customers.  Our project management team and technicians understand the importance of each customer, and provide scheduling that will not disrupt retail hours of operation.  Through the various systems described below, Netwerkx will provide the highest possible return on investment.

Netwerkx Offerings:

  • IP-Surveillance solutions provide a digital access point to closed-circuit television.  With an IP-surveillance system, a network is created that allows for content to be distributed over controlled internet networks.  This digitization allows for companies to continue to use existing CCTV technology while providing remote viewing availability.  Netwerkx provides design, configuration, and installation of this ever growing technology, which will provide better protection of your people and property.
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  • Closed Circuit Television (CCTV) is the most universal form of security and monitoring.  CCTV allows signals to be transmitted to a specific location with complete control over viewing.  Netwerkx will assist your company in creating a surveillance system that has different levels of access points so that all of your security needs are met.
  • Electronic Surveillance Systems (EAS) provide your retail space with state of the art theft security.  Just like IP-surveillance, EAS operates on a closed network and provides an increase if overall profit by an increase retention of in-store goods.  Electronic surveillance systems are extremely complex, and require expert installation to assure functionality.  Our Netwerkx technicians provide seamless integration of EAS.  This provides safety for employees and customers, while providing useful data to analyze business performance.
  • Fitting Room Technology is becoming a crucial element of the retail experience.  Customer loyalty begins and ends with customer service.  Netwerkx has the ability of providing customers access to a sales associate with a simple click of the button.  By implementing fitting room technology, you enable customer access to your already great service, and most importantly – the customers needs are met.

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