hs_small2 Healthcare Services

There is no question healthcare systems have seen substantial changes over the last 5 years.  In order to improve efficiency and cut costs, hospitals and practitioners  are switching away from dictation and moving towards digital documentation.  To support this digitization, new devices and systems need to be implemented.  Nextwerkx realizes the importance of connectivity and convenience around these devices.  By  providing installation and maintenance of the various systems below, Netwerkx will deliver digital communication in every area of health services.

Netwerkx Offerings:

  • Wall/Desk/Cart Integration is necessary to support the digital medical workplace.  As hospitals begin to fully implement EMR (electronic medical record) systems, computers and/or tablets are needed in almost every medical room.  Nextwerkx provides setup and installation of all products required to make this possible.
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  • Waiting Room Displays provide streaming visuals of any content you see necessary.  Whether it be doctor status, surgical status, or simply information about the company – Netwerkx has you covered.  Our technicians will make sure that the installation and maintenance of these displays takes place at a time that works for you.
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  • Resident Motion Monitoring allows for 24/7 monitoring of patients who are living at home.  This monitoring system promotes independence and privacy for patients that require constant medical attention.  The sensors track patient activity and relays the data directly to a secure server.  The server then analyzes data through specific software to alert the medical staff if any urgent situation presents itself.  Through this technology, Netwerkx can provide peace of mind to thousands of families nationwide.
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  • In-Home Appointment Peripherals allow doctors and patients to be in constant communication.  Through a simple tablet, doctors have the ability to provide virtual care through video conferencing and computer-transmitted biometric data.  Netwerkx technicians implement this tablet into the home and teach the customer exactly how to efficiently navigate.  This service provides a personal connection with the patient and the healthcare provider.  It also helps patients actively participate in their own treatments which improves their quality of life.
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